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Why Hire a Professional for your Lighting Design

Professional Lighting Designers dedicate their careers exclusively to the art and science of lighting. There is no substitute for their level of expertise and professionalism.

Hiring a lighting designer early in your project allows you to gain professional input during the formulation of the program, avoiding costly errors later on. The designer’s extensive knowledge of lighting products and systems enables him or her to integrate lighting into the space efficiently and effectively. A lighting designer can work with an established budget or assist in establishing a lighting budget. A lighting designer is an independent consultant that does not manufacture, sell or install lighting equipment, which encourages competitive pricing on projects.

Lighting Designers Reduce the Cost of a Project By:

  • Selecting the most appropriate lighting solution
  • Meeting the programmed budget
  • Evaluating alternate lighting systems
  • Locating lights only where needed
  • Using energy efficient solutions
  • Addressing maintenance issues
  • Assisting during the equipment procurement process
  • Monitoring lighting equipment installation
  • Avoiding design mistakes that can be very expensive to correct
  • Developing performance-oriented specifications to encourage competitive bidding

Lighting Designers are a Tremendous Resource

Lighting designers are a tremendous resource for innovative, practical and economically viable lighting solutions. They understand the role of lighting in architecture and interior design and rely on their extensive experience and knowledge of lighting equipment and systems to enhance and strengthen design.

Owners and architects who have benefited from independent, skillful lighting design realize that the fee is of little consequence.

Lighting designers can be a unique, value-added resource. In many instances, a lighting designer will actually reduce the project construction and/or operations costs.

Anyone with a business card can call himself a lighting designer. Electrical systems designers, electrical contractors, electrical distributors, sales reps, and lighting retailers all use the title.

There are ways to confirm the qualifications of an independent lighting consultant through completed projects, awards given and through international lighting associations, such as IESNA, IALD and the NCQLP listings.

“Good design is enhanced by the ability to deliver the project on time and within budget.”